BAGUIO City Mayor Mauricio Domogan on Wednesday said Representative Nicasio Aliping Jr. still has his trust despite a controversy involving the lawmaker.

"Knowing him, I am sure he is concerned about this," Domogan said in his weekly Ugnayan and added he believes the solon is already addressing the issue.

Domogan, however, stressed Aliping must immediately coordinate with the contractors responsible in the alleged tree cutting, bulldozing and road construction around and within the congressman’s alleged property after works affected a water source of the Baguio Water District.

This is to enable those involved in the development to institute immediate remedial measures in the area.

Domogan said the contractors must be held primarily responsible for the actions, which have resulted in the destruction of the environment and contamination of water sources supplying Marcos Highway, Barangay QM, Upper Rock Quarry and portions of Tuba, Benguet.

Although Mt. Kabuyao is not a part of Baguio City, Domogan expressed concern over the affected water sources of BWD.

He remains hopeful the detected turbidity in the water sources of BWD can still be treated for continuous supply of potable water to BWD consumers.

Domogan also said he believes the regional Department of Environment and Natural Resources regarding the issue.

Meanwhile, Rep. Aliping yesterday told media he will address this issue “in due time”.

“Meanwhile, let due process take its course,” he said.

When pressed for more answers, the solon assured, “We will abide by whatever findings the DENR will come up with.” (Giovani Joy Fontanilla)