While his colleagues are busy dodging allegations on irregularities, an official of a local government unit in south Cebu had his hands full networking with the business community.

A Bzzzzz source said the official had approached several businessmen with the promise he would facilitate their business permits. The official’s solicitude does not come free. He asked for a token expression of gratitude from the businessmen.

Rumor has it that this official has always been partial to the business community. At the start of his political career in the barangay, he made a habit of visiting owners of small businesses in his village.

These days, he’s upped his game and now focuses on big-time businesses. One could say that the official has moved up in the food chain.

Appointing power

If there’s truth to the rumor that a former three-termer city councilor will soon become regional director of a national government agency, this veteran deserves to be called “kingmaker.”

Because of his influence in Malacañang, the politician has been able to put several friends into high-ranking national positions. So his ability to have the three-termer councilor appointed in the National Government should not be doubted.

This could be the politician’s way of keeping his allies’ loyalty or lay out the field for his comeback, or both. Rumor has it that because of the loss that the politician’s party suffered in the last two elections, some of his allies are beginning to have doubts.

A pugilist in office

This local government unit in Cebu is never short of interesting characters. One of them is an official who is quick to challenge anyone who contradicts him to a fistfight.

Shortly after getting a reprimand for inviting a colleague to a boxing match, he found himself in the limelight again for extending the same invitation to a higher-ranking official with whom he had an argument over a request for documents.

A City Hall watcher told Bzzzzz that the official should attend anger management sessions or switch careers. “Maypa mag-boxer ni siya,” the observer noted.

DIvine Marcial-Flores,not Divine Sanchez


The lawyer co-anchor of CCTN is Divine Marcial-Flores, not Divine Sanchez, as mentioned in yesterday’s item about women co-anchors. A correction didn’t get to the printers on time.