AN elderly woman died when a lone gunman strafed her house last Thursday night in the mountain barangay of Talavera in Toledo City, Cebu.

Toledo City Police said Regina Resomadero, 68, died from multiple gunshot wounds while her husband Bonifacio, 66, was wounded.

Insp. Jovito Labra, head of Toledo City Police Station's intelligence section, said the couple was listening to the radio when an unidentified man called out to them past 7 p.m. to ask for a glass of water.

Quoting Bonifacio, Labra said Regina got out of the house to give the man a glass of water.

But the man shot Regina several times. He then strafed the couple’s house, whose walls were made of woven bamboo slats, and hit Bonifacio in the arms.

Labra said Bonifacio, a farmer, could not see the suspect because it was pitch dark.

The couple’s house does not have electricity and they were only using a gas lamp.

Nobody also witnessed the shooting because the couple lived far from neighbors in Sitio Paril. The wounded Bonifacio had to go to his children, who lived with their families several meters away, to ask for help.

By then, Regina was already dead. Bonifacio was brought to a hospital in Toledo City.

The police recovered nine empty shells of a .45 pistol outside the house of the couple.

The couple's children told the police that they could not think of anyone who had a grudge against their parents.

Labra said the police will interview Bonifacio once he has recovered from his wounds.

He said the police have yet to establish the motive for the shooting. They will check if the couple had conflict with anyone over land.