A TEACHER who allegedly whipped him may have caused a Grade 1 student to commit suicide around 7:30 a.m. Friday.

Michael (not his real name), 10, was found hanging inside the bedroom using his belt interlaced with a rope.

"Wala nako kabantay kung aha gihigot [ang pisi] pero pagsulod nako sa kwarto, nagbitay na siya gatulo na ang laway (I did not notice where the rope was tied to, but when I entered the room, he was already hanging and slobbering),” said Rowena, Michael's mother.

According to Rowena, 37, Michael's teacher whipped him on his feet using a bamboo stick in their class Thursday. However, Michael’s mother cannot find traces of whipping on the feet.

"Ingon niya sa ako gibunalan daw siya sa maestra pero wa puy lagum sa tiil ang bata nga akong nakita (He told me he was struck by his teacher but I could not find any evidence of it on his feet)," she added.

"Nagdula man gud na sila [classmates] diri sa sulod [sa classroom]. Ako ra silang gibadlong (He and his classmates were playing inside the classroom. I only scolded them)," the teacher said in an interview over TV Patrol Friday afternoon.

Before the suicide, Rowena reprimanded his son because he would not go to school Friday morning. Even before the incident happened, she already reminded the teacher of his son's impulsive behavior.

"Ana ko sa iya sa una 'pasensya lang gyud ma'am kay kani akong anak kasabot na siya ba kasab-an, putong raba ni sya, maulaw na siya (I told his teacher to be patient with him since he is sensitive to reprimands and doesn’t want to be scolded. It would embarrass him)," she said.

Michael was rushed to a health center before he was transferred to Northern Mindanao Medical Center for further medication.

As of Friday night, Michael is already in good condition, Rowena said.