LIKE many students, I am excited for classes to open soon. I’m going to be first year in college and that is a big adventure.

I remember just before first grade when I was always reminded that I will soon be entering “big school”. From the small kindergarten school that I was enrolled in, I was on my way to a regular private grade school, which many refer to as the big school.

I enjoyed big school, I had lots of friends.

High school was the same. It was in the same big school and I grew up with my friends. Some have left, but most of us have stayed on until high school.

Now college. I have to say goodbye to most of my friends because they are staying behind in Davao while I go somewhere else. I am just happy that I was allowed by my parents to leave home. I thought at first that they will prefer that I stay here since schools here are just as good.

I can hardly contain my excitement. I am going to an even bigger school far away from home.

I was told that I will feel homesick. Maybe. I hope being homesick will not be very bad. Anyway, I can always chat with the family. Maybe at dinnertime.

I have packed my things, I have placed all my clothes in a giant luggage. I was told that I will just get my books there. I am excited and afraid. This will be my first time to leave home this long. Imagine one semester all by myself.

Last night I was wondering how my parents did it. Both of them studied in Manila in college even though they are from the provinces. They shared the stories of dorm life and it sounded fun. Except that they didn’t have cellphones nor computers before. They were using the payphones to call home, and they would line up on that pay phone. I can just imagine how far away they are compared to how far away I can go with my cellphone and laptop. I may be physically away, but I will be just a text away or a PM away. My parents did not have this link with their family before. They only had the red payphone to bring them past homesickness.

With that in mind, I am convinced I can do this and I am just soooo looking forward to making new friends.


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