WHAT happened to TY?” A FRIEND ASKED. That was the first hint that something happened. It was a Saturday morning and I was just going to work, I still had no idea what’s in the news, and I was still offline.

Even online, no one was mentioning anything yet. I was just getting texts… that worsened with every new detail.

Stabbed dead, the first one confirmed. Vehicle burned. The details of businessman Ramon Teodoro “Sonny” TY Garcia I would rather keep in the news, not in my column.

I thought that he was stabbed was bad. It was worse, no worst.

Thus ended the life of a habitue in Davao’s night life for the past several decades, whether onstage singing with a band or hanging out with a bottle in hand.

How this story will turn out will be something that Dabawenyos will be glued to. It is just abhorring how murder can be carried out and with such maleficence. That it happens to someone you’ve known through the years make it even creepier. That it comes in the heels of the murder of a young lawyer who happens to be batchmates with the children of your colleagues hits you harder.

There is evil in this world and they prey even on people you least expect would be involved.

Two pins to burst my bubble. Wake up, life is cruel, the world is bad.

Should we be sad?

Yes, for the families who lost their loved ones. But no, for everyone of us who have to live our lives according to the reality that we create. There are just things that have to be done, like make sure that authorities are really looking into these cases and not simply walking away when a blank wall is faced. But after that, we continue to create a life of good so that more good can be generated.

Yes, justice has to be served, but the only way justice will is when goodness will prevail. The goodness in the heart of all those who are tasked to bring justice. Otherwise, we will wake up another morning to text messages or social network updates asking what happened.

“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.” Revelation 21:4