MONDAY it is, Philippine time, that Game 2 of the 2014 NBA Finals is going to be played, with San Antonio holding a 1-0 lead over Miami.

The Spurs speared a 110-95 Game 1 victory, yes, but, hey, stop the fist-pumping, please?

For, if you continue to say that San Antonio won the opener on magnificent merit, sorry, but you are grandiosely wrong.

What movie would have an ending showing the leading man, “bida,” beaten?

Batman battered?

Superman smashed?

Spider-Man mangled?

San Antonio smacked Miami dead in this Friday fright night because LeBron James the Ironman wasn’t around.

Remember that the battle is set for 48 minutes. During the entire 33 minutes that LeBron was there, healthy, Miami was in the thick of things. That’s because LeBron’s 25 points in 33 minutes of play kept the Heat aflame.

But with 7:31 minutes remaining, LeBron limped out on cramps, with San Antonio up 86-84.

The aircon malfunction at Houston’s AT&T Arena had nothing to do with LeBron’s initial cramp attack?

Maybe. I give credit to LeBron. Like a true gentleman and sportsman, he never yakked about the stifling heat even as the aircon breakdown sent temperatures soaring to near-100s.

Miami coach Erik Spoelstra dispatched LeBron back with four or so minutes left, with San Antonio holding a 94-90 lead.

But after LeBron had slashed the paint to push Miami to within 92-94, he got the cramps again, forcing him to leave the game for good.

That’s when San Antonio sped away beyond recall, the Spurs smashing the Heat on a 16-3 finish behind four killer three pointers – one each by Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker and two by Kawhi Leonard. Isn’t Leonard LeBron’s match-up?

Miami getting silenced silly in the end was the result of LeBron out of the game’s payoff time.

This is just Game 1, you say. I agree. Long way to go, bebe. The Spurs need three more from the six games left to dislodge the Heat. Easier said than done.

Miami needs four wins to keep the trophy and complete a rare “three-peat.” It begins with the Heat hauling home Monday’s Game 2. Easier said than done. It also begins with LeBron James healthy for 48 minutes. Hopefully.