CEBU City Councilor Nida Cabrera expressed optimism that the proposal to designate bike lanes would be approved by the City Council.

A public hearing on the proposed Tindak Sugbo Lanes Ordinance will be held on June 25 before it goes into third reading and approval.

“I’m positive it would be passed with refinements from the public hearing,” Cabrera told Sun.Star Cebu last Thursday following the launch of the Elicon House bike parking.

Cabrera’s proposal seeks to designate a portion of city roads for bicycles and other non-motorized modes of transport. It proposes to set aside a 1.5-meter-wide pavement on the rightmost side of the road for cyclists, a move that supports the vision for a cleaner Cebu City.

Edna Lee, one of the founders of the Tindak Sugbo—literally, cycle Cebu—movement, said promoting cycling will not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions from motorized vehicles, but also improve the health of residents.

The Lee family owns Elicon House, Mayflower Inn and West Gorordo Hotel, which now have bike parking areas.

During the launch of the Elicon House bike parking facility, Joel Lee performed a jingle he composed for the Tindak Sugbo movement.

“Kalisud na sa kalye/kitang tanan high blood ani/apan simple ang solusyon, sulbad pud ang polusyon/ Tindak Sugbo, tindak Sugbo (The situation on the roads has become difficult, we all get annoyed. But there’s a simple solution, also addresses pollution…),” the jingle goes. (LAP)