MODERNITY of our technology and industry has contributed alternatives on furniture, however, wooden furniture have reasons to go against the contemporary.

For its perfect lines, patterns, style, elegance and class, it always caught the hearts of the customers; not to brag its resiliency, durability and being eco-friendly, Abrillo Furniture is best for you.

“From a family of businessmen and a mother who has been gifted with creative hands and mind, we have survived Abrillo Furniture for seven years now. It started with a visitor who appreciated one of our furniture that had brought us into this kind of business and pursued to expand our market to malls,” Marco Angelo Abrillo, proprietor, said.

Abrillo Furniture1

(Photo Courtesy: Myles Cantal Albasin)

Gone through tough times and great challenges in their businesses, the Abrillos kept their heads high and continuously invest for their chosen craft.

Abrillo Furniture has been by far the most sought wooden furniture shop in the city. With clients ranging from the city’s best restaurants and hotels up to the metro’s elite and average residents, it has climbed up to advance the furniture shop from the heart of Northern Mindanao to the Queen City of the South (Cebu) and The Crown Jewel of Mindanao (Davao).

Offers only the best

“With competitions of modernity of furniture, ours never lost clients. In fact, we have expanded to more custom-made furniture because we want to serve them [clients] great quality and outstanding after sales service,” Abrillo said.

Abrillo Furniture2

(Photo Courtesy: Myles Cantal Albasin)

More than 50 percent of the furniture is customized and less than half of it goes to displays.

Abrillo Furniture’s most ordered are its doors – flawlessly and intricately designed.

What’s more awesome with the shop is their one-year warranty to all its furniture; may it be nibbled by dogs or scratched by cats, give it back to them and it’ll be perfect again.

From the nature, for the nature

“Cutting young trees are bad and illegal, but cutting trees at their right age with legal documents are giving respect to the trees,” Abrillo expressed. “Our vision is not to just cut trees, but to transform them to beautiful and useful furniture,”

Currently, the Abrillos have planted trees in their farmlands to pay respect and to give back to the environment.

“It’s not right to say ‘cutting trees is bad’ unless you do not pay it back, but it is an honor to cut a tree to make it very useful and appreciate its beauty by intricately designing them into one piece of a beautiful sofa,” Abrillo said.

Abrillo Furniture continues to expand because of its belief in evolution, “as time goes by, there will always be change and that is constant. We just improve our market and our designs that keep us to venturing into more sophisticated projects with our clients,”Abrillo said.

You may want to call its showroom in Tiano-Gomez streets at 857-2134.