LADIES, let’s admit it. There are really times when we love to show off our curves and wear those tight-fitting fashionable clothes paired with stilettos, right?

Well, as they say, if you actually have something to flaunt, why not show it off sometimes?

However, at some point, wearing such kind of fashion pieces gives us pain and some discomfort. The website has cited a number of tips on how to ease the discomfort for us to enjoy being sexy and to constantly look gorgeous.

Here are the pieces of advice that they have given their readers and subscribers in order to sashay a painless fashion:

1. Strappy sandals and shoes are definitely sexy! So when shopping for such design, their suggestion is to do it in the afternoon when our feet tend to swell. By doing so, it causes too tight straps to cut into our ankles. And if our strappy shoes and sandals are giving us blisters, never consider a plastic strip (read: Band-aid) for it will just rub off. Instead, we can apply a heap of ointment on the affected area so that the strap will just slide around while soothing the sore.

2. I’m pretty sure that a number of women are going gaga over huge totes for fear that they would leave any of their beautification ‘gadgets’ behind. In fact, I’m actually addicted to big bags because I can practically put everything I need in it. The website, however, has emphasized that we must be only carrying not more that 10 percent of our weight! But if we think that we really need to bring a lot of stuff with us, we must choose a bag with strong, wide strap that will never cut into our shoulder blades.

3. Have you worn a body shaper before? According to WebMD, these are actually great if they are not too tight or too small and we don’t wear it for long periods. Shapewears that are too tight can lead to blood pooling in our legs which will result to varicose veins (yes, that ugly root-like greenish thing crawling on our legs). So, if we really want to wear a body shaper to enhance our curves, we have to take it off and lie/sit down while our legs are raised for at least half an hour, twice a day.

4. For some women, they find too high heels as their bestfriend for them to walk sexier and with glam (that’s according to some friends). Yet, this is not friendly to our feet because these certainly give us bunions or corns. The website, thus, suggests that we refrain from wearing high heels with pointy toes and stick with heels that are under 2 ¼ inches. The conclusion? Save those stilettos for special events only.

5. Wait, sometimes, flats hurt, too! According to WebMD, the reason our feet hurt while wearing ballet flats is they offer little to no rear-arch support. And if we have flat feet, wearing this type of shoe will hurt less. But if our feet have more of an arch, they'll thank us if we slip them into a shoe that provides more arch support. Therefore, if we are planning to buy some flat shoes, we must look for those with elastic around the top because they grip our foot better.

6. Skinny jeans never get out of style since we can pair it with different cuts of blouse. While wearing skinny jeans may make us feel sexy, we must always consider that choosing the wrong size (read: too tight) is not good at all because they will just make us extremely uncomfortable. If we can still sit or walk comfortably with our skinny jeans, then we have purchased the right size.

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