IN its efforts to sustain the livability of Camella Cerritos as an ideal and thriving community, Camella Davao has initiated a link up with the local water district to serve this Italian-Mediterranean-inspired subdivision in Mintal, Davao City.

"We are currently facilitating the turnover of the water service to the Davao City Water District to allow them to supply Camella Cerritos with its water needs,” said Marlon B. Escalicas, Camella Davao general manager.

Once the turnover process has been completed, the water supply at Camella Cerritos will then fully rely on the efficiency level of DCWD. The turnover was initiated by Camella Davao to grant the wishes of its homeowners to source their water supply from the water district.

“We have decided to give what homeowners requested in the interest of maintaining the quality of life in the community," Escalicas said.

At present, Camella Cerritos has 200 homes, 195 of which are already occupied. It has a homeowners' association that keeps the community thriving, assisted by a professional property management team from Globaland in managing subdivision affairs to ensure homeowners enjoy a good quality of life.

Apart from the water service, other amenities that Camella Cerritos homeowners enjoy are the round-the-clock security and the services of Globaland in maintaining good community relations and ensuring the subdivision's proper maintenance and upkeep.

The basketball court is now fully functional and clubhouse will soon start construction within the year, to be followed by the swimming pool, interactive playground, and garden parks.

Camella Cerritos also has an expansion project called Cerritos Trails, located within a quiet area towards the back of the subdivision. It is currently taking shape as massive development is in full swing, giving homebuyers another viable option of an idyllic home base within a lush environment.

Although Camella Cerritos has a quiet and relaxing atmosphere being located away from the city’s hurly-burly, it is only less than 20 minutes away from downtown, making it proximate to all modern conveniences and daily essentials.

Soon, however, Camella Cerritos homeowners will no longer have to drive or commute to the city if they seek more lifestyle options as Camella will soon undertake a commercial development that will rise right across the subdivision.

This lifestyle center will feature a Starmall, one of the popular malls in Luzon, and will provide shopping and recreational opportunities to Camella Cerritos homeowners and the neighboring communities.