ON JUNE 2, Samuel Go III, a student of Mindanao State University, was shot on the head by an unknown suspect while buying food.

Many speculations were said by individuals and the police were looking at the cause of trash-talking during a “DotA” tournament, which has offended the gunman.

After learning the news from my colleagues and students, I was in tears. I can imagine how the parents of Go would react after sending their kid to school, they would have him back in cold corpse.

What is more saddening is my knowledge that most of the students from far-flung places studying in MSU are children of poor families in Mindanao who risked their children in this institution because of quality education with a relatively cheaper tuition than in any other state university in the country.

As a mother and as a Muslim, I condemn the act of killing.

I am not a perfect being but to kill an innocent person is never an option.

In Islam, killing is a grave sin. It is never allowed for any believer to do such an act.

It does not in any way allow for the killing of any innocent soul.

In a Qur’anic verse (5:32): "... if anyone slew a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people..."

Apparently, Islam condemns murder without a reasonable cause.

Killing any innocent soul is a crime against the religion and all of mankind.

It is important to know, in the eyes of Almighty, all innocent souls are equal in Islam.

There is no difference between the rich and the poor, the man and the woman, the free and the slave.

Therefore, let this article be a reminder to all of us especially those who are investigating this crime.

We hope that we can give justice to this unlawful and un-Islamic act. Witnesses to this crime must have the chance to tell the truth.

Let us not forget that if we tolerate this act of murder, we become part of it.

Let me remind all Muslims of the narrations through Jaafar as Siddiq about how Prophet Mohammad (SAW) has condemned this act: The Holy Prophet (SAW) was once told that a Muslim has been killed and his corpse is lying on the street.

When the Holy Prophet (SAW) and his companions reached the site of the murder, he enquired as to who the killer was.

The people said, “We do not know.” The Prophet was surprised, “A person has been killed among the Muslims, and no one knows of his killer?”

“By the Almighty who appointed me with Prophethood, if all the creatures of the heavens and the earth participate in the murder of a Muslim and be pleased upon that, then God would surely involve them in punishment and send them all to Hell.”

The lesson derived from the above narration is that there is no difference between the killer and those who support or co-operate with him.

Hence, every Muslim who was present and were able to see the crime done must have the guts to tell the truth and send the criminal to court.

If proven guilty, then the rule of the land must prevail.

Let this article be my means to express my condolences to the aggrieved family of Go.

May he rest in peace!

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