THE Cebu City Market Operations Division (MOD) apprehended more than 40 vendors in Carbon Public Market for allegedly tapping their electric connection illegally.

A fire alarm last Saturday in one of the stalls in the market reportedly caused by illegal tapping prompted MOD to trace and inspect the lines in all the stalls.

“Maayo na lang nga wa kadako ang kayo kay napawng ra sa fire extinguisher (Good thing the fire didn’t spread),” Market Administrator Raquel Arce told Sun.Star Cebu.

During the inspection, Arce found out that the vendors’ wires were tapped in one line and were directly connected to the main street lights connection of Visayan Electric Co., (Veco).

The vendors identified as “Eric” the one who tapped their connections, said Arce.

The vendors said Eric assured them the connections were legal.

Eric also collected P20 per day, or P200 per month, from the vendors for their electricity bill.

The amount covered the bill for lights alone, while vendors with appliances like refrigerators pay a higher amount.

“Because they are paying, the vendors did not have any idea their connections were illegally tapped,” Arce said.

Arce tried to call the attention of Veco so the connections will be cut, but no Veco personnel showed up.

Even with the absence of Veco personnel, the MOD pushed through with the cutting of illegal lines, particularly after seeing that the wires used in the connections were substandard.

“We have to emphasize that the situation is risky. I hope Veco will strengthen its drive against illegal tapping to minimize incidents,” Arce said.

She hopes, Veco will take action on the matter and regularly monitor and check their lines.

Arce will endorse the matter to the City Legal Office for appropriate legal action.