DEPARTMENT of Education Baguio City superintendent Francis Bringas shared the sentiment of teachers clamoring for a salary increase.

"Kailangan talagang itaas ang sahod ng teachers," he said explaining the work demands of a teacher and their important role in honing the future generation.

With the number of students they handle and the weight of their responsibility, Bringas believes teachers should be "compensated equitably" enough to cover the standard cost of living.

He noted it has been a while since the last increase in their salary, which is why he cannot blame public school teachers who participated in the rally during the opening of classes.

A rally participated in by the Alliance of Concerned Teachers Union-CAR, ACT Partylist, National Union of Students of the Philippines and Tongtongan Ti Umili was held during the opening of classes June 2 appealing for increase in education budget and the approval of House Bill 245 which calls for salary increase of teachers.

HB 245 aims to increase the minimum salary of public school teachers from P18,549 to P25,000 and non-teaching personnel from P9,000 to P15,000.

There has been no salary adjustment for teachers since the Salary Standardization Law in 2012. (Giovani Joy Fontanilla)