THE City of Bacolod holds many titles that it can truly boast of, such as the “Heart of Negros,” the “Most Livable City,” the “Best Place to Live in the Philippines,” the “Top 3 Next-Wave City in the Philippines,” and of course, music to the ears of the city dwellers, "The City of Smiles."

Recently, another proud title is emerging for Bacolod: “Party Place.” Yes, Bacolod is fast becoming to be the “Philippine’s Party Place,” what with its nonstop left-and-right partying that are previously experienced only in Manila and Cebu.

Thanks to netizens via social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, party happenings in Bacolod are posted week after week. The last four months of pre-and post-summer activities proved that Bacolod is more than just a sweet spot in the map of 6,000 plus islands.

Apart from the tourist influx during the October merrymakings, it is drawing significant numbers of local partygoers from all around the country during concerts and local gigs.

This is a confirmation that street parties in Bacolod are not limited to MassKara mardi gras alone, but to urban happenings of laser lights, heart tromping DJ beats and artistic presentation of urbanized party hits, one after the other.

After all, we are the kind of people who find a lot of reason to celebrate: start of summer, during summer, end of summer, school openings, after exams, independence, any hero's day, holidays and round-the-clock dry and wet seasons.

We are party animals. We make sure to meet new faces and jam with old names in our list. As they say, Bacolod is one place where everyone knows everyone. Oh well, we are, after all, a city of 61 barangays.

I am not religiously attending these events, but online reports come in very handy. For instance, transforming the barren land beside SM into a party wonderland was worth a high five. It was dubbed “Summer Smash” and inspired by Holi Festival.

Jumping in high spirits while yes, drunk and wet, is the kind of thrill worth getting into sometimes. Thanks to the events team of DJ White Puentevella, they have been putting on good shows lately. Headrush Media is also giving Negrenses a shot at metropolitan party experiences.

On the other hand, the colored powder, which makes asthmatic like me jealous, is turning out to become a big hit among young people and the rest of the party clan. It may look a little awkward to see green or blue-skinned people dancing emotionally high, but I have to say this: it’s just so cool!

On top of my list is the Negros Love Dance last April. It was a spectacle of good music and lights. Lakawon's beach party on the last week of May transformed the white sand island into a mini Boracay, with a showcase of talents.

Summer Smash, meanwhile, proved that open air gatherings are very well accepted in this region. It must be noted that the crowd are saying goodbye to 'probinsyana outfits' and in turn sporting shorts and breezy tops.

Last weekend, everybody were wet and yes, wild. A real estate firm just threw what most considers as another monster hit in this part of archipelago. It was called “Wild Water Weekend.”

With DJs leading the spot light of partyphiles, everyone enjoyed the waters in a different kind of entertainment.

But parties here are not limited to jamming with the electric sounds of DJs spinning their handy wheels. Bacolod remains artistic and cultural. 'RESET,' for example combined urban party and the artistry of our people. So while it promised a kind of jam appealing to the young, it incorporated a visual spectacle of artsy presentations.

Moreover, at the Courtyard, jazz music has been filling up the busy air. Jazz musicians have displayed their equally ear-friendly music. A little soothing to the heart and ears, it complimented the idea, "In Bacolod, all good music is played."

With all these happenings, we are left with the hype of anticipating for bigger open-air parties. As of now our parties end a little early--just before sunrise!

As compared to the party wonderlands staged in Europe and the States, this is conservative. Of course, they camp in the venue for nearly a week. But we all know where Bacolod is heading and dearly hold on the promise of its transformation. Presently, we are happy with painting the skies and other people with colorful powders, becoming tipsy in few shots and jumping in high spirits in and out of water.