YOU have to give it to the folks at Eidos for bringing such quality gaming to mobile games. Although Infinity Blade is the best in mobile gaming in my opinion, Deus Ex: The Fall is right up there with it.

If you’ve played through Deus Ex: Human Revolution on consoles, this game’s story is closely related to it. That there is one of your cues that Eidos was really upping the ante for this game; bringing console-quality gaming to your mobile device.

The game runs quite smoothly, and the controls translate to the touch scheme quite well. Either double tapping on a location or using the lower-left region of the screen to move your character around, and the right to move the camera, the controls seem akin to using a twin-stick controller, and although take some getting used to, go perfectly with Deus Ex: The Fall’s gameplay.

Graphics are also great, with the developers doing their best to replicate the look and feel of Human Revolution on mobile devices. The only problem with this is that with the limitations of mobile devices, some textures look low-resolution at times. Additionally, the color palette of grey, brown and black kind of get tiring on the eyes after a while.

That being said, motion in the game is also very smooth, with Ben Saxon popping in and out of cover without any frames dropping, and takedowns executed smoothly. Where the graphics falter every now and then, the animation makes up for it.

Yet another problem this game faces is the frequency and length of cutscenes. This seems to be the problem with trying to bring a console experience to mobile platforms, as control is often taken away from the player for relatively long periods of time for cutscenes, something that is not an issue on consoles but is quite bothersome on mobile devices when on-the-go gaming somehow is marked by constant action and very few breaks in between.

All of these, however, do not detract from the overall experience and is mere nitpicking. Deus Ex: The Fall is a console-quality experience in your hands. Although there are some hiccups here and there, it is an experience mobile gamers should not pass up.