... THE PROBABLE RIVAL CONTENDERS AT CEBU CAPITOL: Would Gwen Garcia make a comeback?

Already there’s chatter about the “Rise of the Queen,” which, coincidentally or not, was the catchphrase for the last “Gabii sa Kabilin,” or tour of the local museums.

“Kabilin” organizers may not like it but “Queen” is what “tsismosos” refer to Gwen -- “it rhymes and wasn’t she queenly in her role as governor?” (“Queen” in the “Kabilin” logo refers to the queen city of the south.)

Already, they say that Gov. Junjun Davide hasn’t been politicking while governing, a dig at alleged failure to mend political fences and digging trenches for the next election.

... THAT ‘FAREWELL’ SPEECH OF BONG REVILLA June 9 at the Senate: Why all the clowning despite the purported somber tone of the proceedings?

Critics, who’re usually killjoys, note how the senator poked fun at colleagues even as his wife and some other members of his family were dabbing their eyes with hankies:

-- He called his co-accused senator, Jinggoy Estrada “kakosa” (inmate) and urged Sen.

JV Ejercito to patch things up with his half-brother Jinggoy goes to jail.

-- He told Sen. Chiz Escudero “to be careful with your heart,” referring to his actress- girlfriend Heart Evangelista (did Bong know Chiz and Heart lead a club of runners?).

And contrary to an early report, he didn’t miss mentioning anyone of his 22 colleagues (he’s the 23rd), not even T.J. Guingona whom he earlier rapped for making conclusions about the hearing after the testimony or Ruby Tuason.

He spread compliments and platitudes around like he had more than a lot to spare:

l Juan Ponce Enrile -- “ultimate statesman,” “one of the greatest leaders of the country”;

l Serge Osmeña -- “brilliant”;

l Lito Lapid -- “Leon Guerrero ng masang Pilipino”;

l Bong Marcos -- “ang sipag mo, ang galing mo, ang talino mo.”

... AND THAT ‘SALAMAT KAIBIGAN’ SONG. The lyrics music may be original, as the senator claimed, but the title is not. There are at least two songs of the same title:

“Salamat sa Iyo, Kaibigan” by Gagong Rapper and “Salamat Kaibigan” by an obscure singer. The idea, of course, is as trite as can be, according to one netizen. Otherwise, it has reportedly gone viral.

... HOW IN A BROADSHEET’S FRONT PAGE, the photo of the broadly smiling three co-accused -- Revilla, Estrada and Enrile – looked incongruous with the two banner headlines underneath: “COA to 7 lawmakers: Return P1.8-B pork” and “42 graft raps filed vs. Jinggoy, JPE, Bong, Napoles.” A graphic transmission of the cliche: “they laughed off” the COA order and the ombudsman’s new charges.

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