Nheru Veraflor

USJ-R Mass Comm Intern

FROM watching fights on TV, amateur fighters will now get to experience the real deal with the first MMA tournament for amateurs in Cebu this August.

And one of those who will be trying their luck is Roy Bajar, who will be representing the Yaw-Yan ArDigma Gym which became his home gym for the past years.

A native of Dumaguete City, Bajar started playing MMA during college when he was looking for a workout.

Since his family is into boxing, he decided to look for boxing club and then a friend of him introduced him to Yaw-Yan ArDigma Gym.

“Actually ako ra ang nalahi kay they are into boxing then ako naa ko diri”, said Bajar.

The 28-year old fighter had been idle in martial arts after graduating with a Chemical Engineering degree from University of San Carlos and decided to work. It was only early last year that Bajar decided to go back into mixed-martial arts.

Eventually, while savoring his comeback into the sports the he loves, Bajar’s master, Yaw-Yan ArDigma Gym Founder Benigno ‘Ekin’ R. Caniga, Jr, offered him to fight in an amateur tournament to test his abilities.

“Unsay purpose ani nako kung dili nako itry”, Bajar said to himself when he decided to fight for the tournament.

Moreover, Bajar said that it is the pain that keeps him moving in the game.

“Kana ganing makakita ka sa part sa imong body nga masakitan or mogawas ang dugo murag ma-challenge ka”, said Bajar.

During his hiatus from martial arts, Bajar said that he gained weight and when he got back, he now weighs 130 pounds, losing as much as 20 pounds.

Still, he has to lose five more pounds as he will be joining the flyweight division or the 125-pound class.

Aside constant from the constant training, Bajar is maintaining a diet of fish and vegetables to achieve his desired weight.

After the tournament, Bajar is hoping that more opportunities will follow for him and other amateur fighters in Cebu. He is also expecting that through this tournament MMA will be more known in Cebu.

By next month, Bajar is set to start a rigid training for the fight. Meanwhile, he is still waiting for the pairing list to determine who will be his opponent.

Bajar is hoping to finish his debut bout in less than two rounds.

The first amateur tournament, dubbed as Cebu Extreme Fight League, is hosted by Yaw-Yan ArDigma Gym and is set on August 15 at the Cebu Coliseum.

Aside from Yaw-Yan ArDigma Gym, frighters will be coming from other MMA clubs in Cebu like Cebu MMA, Warrior MMA, Xanadu MMA, Redneos Gladiator Talisay and Durex Dragon Kickboxing.