THERE is reason to congratulate the police force of Davao City for the fast solution to the killing of businessman Ramon Teodoro “TY” Garcia. In just a matter of hours after his body was found dumped in a ravine in Malalag, Davao del Sur, the main suspects were arrested.

Indeed, there is nothing that technology cannot hasten, crime solution included. We hail our police force for using technology and networks to their advantage. With a police force as connected like them, we can expect quick action.

We still hope that the killer of lawyer Emmanuel Ledesma Acuna Jr. will be led behind bars soon. Authorities claim they already know who the gunman is, but cannot locate him yet. Let’s hope that the police are still tailing the killer, especially because the police believe the gunman is but a hired killer and not the mastermind. Thus, even if the gunman has already been identified, the mastermind still has to be known. Simply said, this case is not yet closed.

Then there is this claim of a visitor that he was robbed by a taxi driver, who has been driving cabs in the city for the past 19 years. The taxi driver has been identified, he has denied the charges, and is now behind bars to face the accusation.

There is reason to congratulate the police force of Davao City for the fast solution to the killing of businessman Garcia, but let us hope that the adrenaline rush of catching self-confessed killers and putting them in the slammer (and getting a bonus from the mayor for that) will not lead to actions spurred only by time but do not have much bearing on really cracking a case. We cannot afford to have scapegoats and sacrificial lambs being led to jails as our law enforcers go gung-ho over every criminal case. No. Let’s continue to encourage our law enforcers on so they will sift through every bit of evidence and sniff out every clue to find the real culprits and bring out the truest of the truth.

With that in mind, we congratulate the police for the quick solution to the killing of businessman Garcia while we withhold our praises and criticisms for the other cases in the hope, and the belief, that these will be solved soon not in anticipation of any bonuses or praises but for justice and justice alone. The bonuses and the praises and the medals and the certificates of merit should always be just the gravy.