CITY OF SAN FERNANDO – "The spouses of the barangay captains could help a lot in the protection of and looking after the welfare of children and women."

So said Pampanga Governor Lilia Pineda as she urged spouses of the 505 barangay chairpersons of the province to help protect and assist in the prevention of children and women abuse in their respective communities through active participation in the Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC).

The governor stressed spouses of village chiefs could influence and strengthen the implementation of laws for the protection of children and women in their areas.

"They could start worthwhile activities that would focus on the interest of women on livelihood and children on good study habits and avoiding bad companions to prevent crimes involving the youth," Pineda said.

Convening for the first time the spouses of the barangay officials at Bren Z. Guiao Convention Center in this city, she emphasized that they and the BCPCs should have regular advocacy programs and organize women and children within their villages to watch out for criminal elements who might victimize children or use them in their criminal activities.

"You could also influence the formulation and implementation of plans and activities that would redound to the empowerment of women and children in your communities," added the governor.

Pineda also asked the barangay welfare volunteers to address the issues on abuse, mendicancy, and children roaming and sleeping in the streets.

In return, the spouses of the barangay chiefs executives expressed willingness and readiness in helping implement laws on children and women.