SEN. Jinggoy Estrada made his own swan song last Wednesday at the Senate, but he didn’t sing, not even a cappella, and he didn’t thank or flatter each one of his colleagues.

Instead, he attacked a host of persons, including DOJ Chief Leila de Lima, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, whistleblowers Ruby Tuason and Benhur Luy, the Blue Ribbon committee and its chairman T.J. Guingona, and the media.

And this: he expressed confidence that “like before, I would again be judged innocent of the plunder charges.”

Jinggoy’s first plunder case was in 2001 when he was named co-accused in the P4.097-billion complaint against his father, then president Joseph Estrada. The Estradas were detained; Jinggoy, until March 2003 when he was allowed to post a P500,000 bail.

His father was convicted but Jinggoy was acquitted.

Why? Testimony of one witness was not convincing and the prosecution failed to fill in the gaps in the witness’s testimony. And Jinggoy presented documentary evidence to refute an allegation about a bank check he allegedly issued.

Because of his lawyers’ defense in his first plunder case, Jinggoy is confident he can overcome the state evidence against him this time around.

But like before, the public didn’t believe he didn’t take part in the alleged plunder. He or his lawyers were just smarter then.

Some trivia at the time:

-- His code-name in the alleged Napoles payoffs is “Seksi”; his codename in “jueteng” payola of 2001 was “Jing”;

-- He allegedly pocketed P50 million from the pork barrel mess. In the “jueteng” payoffs, he allegedly earned P1 million per collection while the rest went to a bagman who in turn gave it to Jinggoy’s dad.

-- Jinggoy spent two years in detention at Fort Sto. Domingo before he was released on bail in 2003. He has no idea how long he’d be detained this time.

Guvs’ ‘honeymoons’: Junjun’s, Gwen’s

When did Gov. Junjun Davide’s “honeymoon” with media snap? Was it longer or shorter than then governor Gwen Garcia’s own “honeymoon”?

Junjun’s took less than a year (a few weeks shy of one year) to last while Gwen’s took

much longer, starting only in her second term.

What ended the blissful ties? The Balili purchase controversy in Gwen’s case; the hiring of Black Pearl security agency issue for Junjun.

The extent of media attacks varied also in intensity and number of sectors. One widely-listened-to radio commentary may not constitute the entire press. Still heavy, yet not as massive an assault as when the criticisms become a media chorus.

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