LAST week, I was not able to submit an article. I joined the 2014 WGAP Luzvimin Invitational Golf Tournament at Pueblo de Oro, Cagayan de Oro.

Four straight days of playing golf. I was physically and mentally drained after every game and so I simply could not submit an article. My apologies.

Joke time? Can’t think of one, however, I have something else to share. On day 3, after 4 holes of play, OMG, my right golf shoe got damaged. It opened up! The sole separated from the main part of the shoe! Only 1/3 of the sole was left attached. It was dangling! How embarrassing!

I had to continue playing, of course. But I was not able to turn well anymore during my succeeding backswings for fear of embarrassment, if in case the sole of my shoe did break off completely.

To my friend, EG Gilles, thank you for letting me use your golf car. A piece of string from your cart saved me! Your caddy used it to tie around my shoe.

Here are the results of the 2014 WGAP Luzvimin Invitational Golf Tournament held at Pueblo de Oro Golf Club in Cagayan de Oro:

In the Diamond Division, the team champion is Manila Southwoods. The players are Annika Cedo, Sofia Chabon, Lora Roberto, Sunshine Baraquiel and Sophia Blanco. In second place is Villamor Golf Club. The players are Harmie Constantino, Kristine Torralba, Melissa Gozum, Chanelle Avarico, Marie Guerrero, and Mary Ann Reyes.

In the Emerald Division, the team champion is Valley Golf 1. The players are Lorenz Kayla Nocum, Violy Pegels, Jocelyn Sevilla, Lauren Nocum, Isabella Miravite, Evangeline Apuhin. In second place is Forest Hills Golf Club. The players are Sun Mi-Hwang, Christine Lava, Tess Staub, Melda Roguel, Grace Atienza and Son Han-Uy.

In the Ruby Division, the team champion is Davao City Golf Club. The players are Evelyn Quinsay, Virgie Hermiston, JM Balbuena, Stella Barnes, Rose Sara, and Josephine Vergara. In second place is Valley Golf Club. The players are Dina de Jesus, Belinda del Rosario, Sylvia Carpio, Cielo Fregil, Arsenia Carlos and Ma. Consuelo Conti.

Congratulations to the WOMB ladies Davao City Golf Club!!! FYI, WOMB stands for Women of Matina Beauties. Wow, magaganda na, magagaling pa!

Here are the results in the Individual Category. The Overall Champion is Harmie Constantino of Villamor Golf Club. The Championship Division champion is Pamela Mariano of Del Monte. The Class A Champion is Annika Mendoza of Del Monte. The Class B champion is Belinda del Rosario of Valley Golf 2. The Class C champion is Rose Sara of Davao City Golf Club. Congratulations Jing!

What happened to Apo Golf Club? Well, my team was placed in the Class A Division. And we did not win this time. But, it was a privilege to play against the big guns. After the team captain’s meeting, Mimi Siason informed us that we were placed in the Emerald Division. I said to myself, ‘Uh-oh!’ Oh well. As they say, ‘play your game’ pa rin.

There was an issue about the handicap of one of the players. On day 3, before my game, I was called by the WGAP committee to discuss something. They lowered the handicap of one of the Apo players. Naturally, team captain Mimi Siason and I, being the assistant team captain, asked why they did that. They explained their decision, and they presented facts and numbers to justify their action.

FYI, the handicaps submitted were official, signed by Apo Golf Club. However, the WGAP committee noticed that one player has been using the same handicap for 3 years. And that player has won in the past WGAP tournaments, scoring way below her handicap. Since her handicap this year remained the same despite her previous wins, the committee decided to lower her handicap, based on her scores in the previous games in WGAP. They presented her previous winning scores and how they came up with the rightful handicap for her this year which was 6 points lower.

Based on the tournament rules of WGAP, the committee had all the right to make changes. And whatever they decided was final. Now we know that not only do our official handicaps count but also—that our previous scores in WGAP matter too.