LOOKING for the best gift you can give this Father's Day? Well, they say that the best gifts come when you have put some thought to it. Thus, it best to know the hobbies and interests of your dad to make it a meaningful gift for his special day.

Handy Daddies

Some dads tend to tinker on pretty much anything they think they could fix even though they are barely broken. If you have this kind of dad, perhaps you could give him something that could help him sort out his tools. You could buy him toolboxes of assorted sizes at the Ace Hardware in SM City Davao. With prices ranging from P135 to P900 you could surely give your dad something that could help him organize his tools. And speaking of tools, you may also want to replace his old and rusty tools with new and shiny ones. Screw driver sets ranging from P180 to P600 and wrench sets worth P1,600 to P4,600 are also available at the Ace Hardware in SM City Davao.

Auto Junky Daddies

They consider their car as one of his babies. And if you have this kind of dad, you could buy him stuff to help maintain his four-wheeled babies. For a total of P1,860 you could already give your dad a complete set of car-care paraphernalia with the Armor All Leather Care Gel Protectant, Car Wash Concentrate, Wash and Wax, Tire Foam Protectant, Carpet and Upholstery Care and Multi-purpose Cleaner. You can buy them all at the Handyman at the Abreeza Mall of Davao. They also have car covers ranging from P1,500 to P2,900.

Sporty Daddies

Health is one of the concerns of some dads and they would prefer to maintain it through different sports. Thus, it would be wise to give them fresh sports gears. The Nike store at Abreeza Mall of Davao offers Dri-Fit shirts and shorts worth P1,800 to P2,000 while their running, basketball and cross training shoes range from P4,000 to P7,000. The Adidas store at Abreeza, on the other hand, have Climacool shirts and shorts that range from P1,200 to P3,000 while their shoes also costs around P4,000 to P7,000.

Classy Daddies

As the name itself tells, they prefer things with class. It may be quite taxing for your pockets yet if it means making your dad happy, at least spare him a portion of your savings. You could buy him Emporio Armani watches at the Wrist Pod in SM City Davao. Watches there range from P11,000 to P20,000. But if you want to save a few thousands without compromising the class, you could buy him Police wrist watches worth P6,000 to P8,000 or Timex wrist watches ranging from P2,400 to P15,000 at the department store in SM. Leather shoes could also be a good choice. At Florsheim in SM City Davao, you could already buy him a flashy pair of leather shoes for P2,000 and if you want to go the extra mile, you could buy him the most expensive pair there at P12,000. Luxury brands at Debenhams may also be a sound choice if you're looking to give your pops some stylish outfits. With a price range of P1,450 to P4,500 you can already choose from assorted short or long-sleeved polo shirts.