WHEN we're kids, his presence is so reassuring that we feel comforted and secured when he sits beside us. When growing up, he is the fort who stands still when everything seems to be falling apart.

Until now, he is the icon whom we regard as the man who gives us value, builds us up, and makes us the person we are today.

If there's one man who we can say is closest to us, it could be our father, our playmate and teacher.

As kids growing up, our father had to stand our incessant proddings if we wanted a new toy, or go somewhere else to while away time, in the parks. And we thank them for bringing us up so well and for honing us into a person who will render the same sacrificial love for our future families.

With this, is it not about time to repay the efforts of our fathers? But in doing so, remember the countless instances in the past when they made us so happy not because of the expensive gifts but because of the happy moments they shared with us. Ahh! How fun it is remembering those good old days.

Those moments were priceless, so it is only fitting to repay them something priceless.

Give some time out with your father where you and him can talk. It's not everyday that we share our life with them, most especially the period between teenage and adulthood. Do some effort to make up for the missed moments.

You can take your dad out for a dinner at a restaurant that has some special offerings for dads. For dad and son, they may opt to do some sports -- basketball or swimming -- to strengthen the bond that has long been stagnant.

For families, they may want to watch movies together or hit the road for an out-of-town adventure trip and mount a tent, be it on a shoreline of Samal Island or in a camping site in the outskirt for some sort of eco-tourism experience.

After all, our fathers -- middle-aged or old man -- need the company of the person who was once the child they carried in their arms; the kid who they comforted for a lost toy; the teen who they cheered up for every hurdle passed.

Our dads have left a mark on us in more ways than one. To the fathers, a snappy salute to all of you!