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Dear Sun.Star Editor/ Editor:

This is related to your article “7 people charged with rice smuggling” published online June 6, 2013, where our company, All System Logistics Inc. (ASLI), our Board Chairman and CEO Mary Lou Estrada, COO Antonio Estrada, Corporate Secretary Humphrey Tumaneng, Treasurer Ana Myrna Gonzalez and Director Anthony Dexter Yu “were charged for attempting to smuggle two 20-footer container vans of rice from Vietnam worth P2 million without the required import permit from National Food Authority last March.”

ASLI management respectfully informs you and the public, that Resolution PR-RESO 27E14-7331 promulgated 26 May 2014 by the DOJ, as penned by the Undersecretary F. Baraan III on behalf of the Secretary of Justice, has dismissed the charges against our company and our officers. The resolution reads, “we find no convincing evidence showing that respondents (i.e. ASLI), knowingly smuggled the subject shipment of Vietnam fragrant rice into the Philippines… It is apparent that prior to the arrival of the subject shipment in Philippine ports, or as early as 13 March 2013, respondents, through their Cebu office, categorically advised Lucky Nguyen of Mat Bien Maritime Company to have the carrier retain the shipment on board and to return the same to Vietnam because the commodity is a “prohibited importation”… This is shown in the... thread of emails between respondents… and Lucky Nguyen elaborating why respondents refused to extend any assistance to Mat Bien pertaining to the entry and unloading of the subject rice into Philippine ports. Moreover, because of Mat Bien’s non-compliance with the required importation documents, respondents decisively informed Mat Bien that they could not accept the shipment considering that it was not a transaction of their company, All Systems Logistics, Inc.”

The resolution further notes that the circumstances did not prove any purported willful intent of the respondents to fraudulently bring into the Philippines the prohibited merchandise. The DOJ Resolution in fact emphasizes our company showed, “compliance with and enforcement of importation laws when they repeatedly warned Mat Bien that their shipment cannot be allowed entry into the Philippines, unless it can produce the necessary supporting importation documents.”

ASLI stands by its vision-- to be recognized as one of the most professional freight forwarding companies in the Philippines, and to provide the highest level of service to our customers, including that of our country by abiding by its importation laws.

In the spirit of fairness and transparency, we respectfully request that you publish this letter so that our clients are informed fully of the latest developments on this matter.




Group HR Manager

Head, Business Support Group