GUAGUA -- The Municipal Government here has officially started the construction of the P1 million Guagua Community College (GCC) building in Barangay Sta. Filomena following groundbreaking rites on Friday.

"For the past years, we have branded our school as GCC even if in reality, no such building that exists. What we do then is we use the facilities of the Guagua Elementary School and hold classes for college students in the evening," Mayor Dante Torres said.

Torres said that he saw the need to build a "home" for the 204 students enrolled at GCC.

"As public officials, we need to support the concept of GCC and we need to find ways on how to create a tangible identity for the school. Aside from that, what motivated us to build a classroom like this one is to push for the sustainability of the school," he said.

He added that GCC will provide accessible education to students from Guagua, as it is an important aspect for human development and progress. (Marionne Cayanan)