LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – Environmental experts have turned to God for support here.

Julius Kollin, supervising environment specialist of the Provincciial Environment and Natural Resources Office (Penro), said he has at times asked the help of priests and pastors to include in their sermons compliance to environmental laws in the hope Benguet folk will comply.

Kollin said he has requested the religious to ask highland folk to stop dumping of garbage as well as help prevent forest fire within the province.

Environmental problems continue to hound the province, both from outside as well as problems from Benguet folk themselves.

Kollin confirmed whispers of a possible case of Writ of Kalikasan to be hurled against Mankayan town by Buako folk for indiscriminate dumping of garbage along the boundaries.

Kollin said so far there has only been talk about the issue but no solid move to actually file the case.

Kollin said the ENRO has validated dumping of Mankayan folk in beyond the fence which separates Bauko and Balili Mankayan and made a formal report about it in 2013.

Apparently, there are numerous signs in the area warning folk not to dump garbage but has not been heeded, irritating Bauko folk with garbage scattered in the area.

A formal complaint made by leaders of Baranagay Mt. Data to the ENRO was filed last year stressing the issue of dumping, in turn the ENRO, directed Mankayan folk to immediately stop dumping.

Kollin said Mankayan officials were informed and was scheduled to convene a meeting calling barangay leader and stakeholders.

Kollin said there has been no word from the Mankayan officialdom on the matter until now.