A FOOD Safety Team from the Department of Science and Technology will inspect firms and teach manufacturers of food and drinks how to avoid contamination of their products to prevent food poisoning.

The Food Safety Team is composed of experts from DOST, Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Engineer Jesus Zamora Jr., DOST 7 OIC assistant director for technical operations, said that food manufacturers, including big bakery chains, may seek their help in complying the requirements set by the FDA.

Zamora said said they have the facility for the study to determine the nutritional contents of food, such as the percentage of protein, calcium, energy, among others.

He said that their researchers in their facility can also determine the shelf life of food to help manufacturers determine when their products will expire.

He said that if a pack food is good for six months or one year but it became unfit for human consumption before the said period ends, then something went wrong in the manufacturing process.


“The FDA has the authority to issue a license to food and drink manufacturers and DOST can help the food companies in complying the requirements especially on food safety,” Zamora said.

In case of contamination leading to a short life span of food, the team will suggest changes in location and equipment, if necessary.