MORE than 20 years ago, Alberto Cuna Sr. uttered the name of Jesus Christ after he brought his dead three-year-old son to a hospital.

All he could think about was revenge on the truck driver who killed his firstborn.

“I wanted to kill the driver,” said Cuna in Cebuano.

But when he met the driver who surrendered to the police, Cuna had a change of heart.

“I thought I was crazy that time,” he said. “I took pity on him. Eventually I forgot the name of the driver and my planned revenge was totally erased.”

The incident, Cuna said, was a “miracle and turning point” of his life.

He eventually overcame his vices and left his high-paying job abroad as an architect so he could be with his family.

Cuna, 51, is now a senior pastor of the Christian Church, the Fruitful Praise and Worship Temple in Barangay Nangka, Consolacion.

Prodigal son

“I want to be a model for my children,” he said. “I had the chance to become a millionaire but I chose my family.”

He spends most of his time with his family.

Cuna’s son Alberto Jr. used to cut class and drank with friends while in college.

“I was thrown out of our house by my father five times,” he said. “But my father forgave me.”

He failed to finish his architecture and theology studies. He worked at a business process outsourcing firm and then became jobless.

After he survived a life-threatening illness last year, Alberto decided to preach the gospel.

His father appointed him to be his youth pastor.

Their church, which is under the Assemblies of God, was founded in January last year. A new church was also built in Barangay Tayud in the same town.

Cuna said their two churches have more than 100 members.

The whole family is active in the church.

Cuna’s wife Angelita leads the Bible studies. Their other children Mehithabel, 24; John Daniel, 21; and Mark David, 14, are part of the church’s band and active in the youth ministry.

“Mas gaan ang trabaho kay tibuok pamilya ang gatabang (My workload is easy because my family helps me),” he said.