AN UPCOMING hotel in the heart of the Queen City of South is trying to revolutionize the

industry and the Cebuano culture. Palm Grass is a Cebu heritage Hotel that continues the

legacy of the rich Cebuano history.

Palm Grass launched its heritage awareness campaign at the Parian Museum together with the

116th anniversary of the plotting of the second stage of the 1898 Cebu revolution. They

invited Cebuano historians to talk about the lush history of Cebu during the Spanish


Palm Grass was conceived out of the ordinary grasses that grow on idle lands. They are

envisioning the greening of a heritage and ecologically-conscious Cebu.

The hotel will be located along Junquera St. in the downtown area of Cebu City. They are

looking into giving back pride to the street that was named after Inocencio Junquera, a

Spanish governor who was anti-friar.

“We want to reinvent the area, instead of making it known as a red light district,” Bebilou

Espina, general manager of Palm Grass, said.

It will have a total of 82 rooms with seven floors. These rooms are named after Cebuano

heroes and revolutionaries who were active in shaping the history of Cebu. It will house a

historical gallery, mini library, function hall, coffee shop, roof-deck bar, a fitness gym,

and a pond and garden as amenities.

Palm Grass is a development project of the Guivelondo-Blanco family as a tribute to their

parents and to their family’s active participation in the Cebu revolution.

Aside from reliving the bravery of Cebuanos, Palm Grass also aims to promote the conservation

of the environment by providing a greener hotel service. Palm Grass will be completed and

opened to serve the public by the first quarter of 2015. (ADO)