Ana Melissa Ortiz


WITH the 20th anniversary of Aboitizland, Inc. this year, Pueblo Verde celebrated this

milestone with a Fitness Festival last May 31. This is part of the company’s year-long

anniversary celebration.

Fitness Festival is the first of its kind in Cebu and in the country as Aboitizland partnered

with Metabolic Fitness (Metafit) in bringing health and wellness to the people. Aboitizland

has been holding a Metafit camp in The Persimmon for two years already. Being an established

program for losing weight and getting fit, it was just the perfect partnership for


The festival promotes healthy lifestyles while including fun fitness activities that can be

enjoyed with family and friends. They had three different activities: the Metafit challenge,

fitness run, and dance party. The run and the dance party were open to the public.

Participants only had to register and pay a nominal fee to join the run for 3K, 5K, and 10K.

There was a fitness fair exhibit where fitness organizations and gyms offered deals on


Clifford Academia, commercial business unit manager of Aboitizland, Inc., said that the

company’s commercial developments have placed wellbeing and health at the core, which is the

reason they conceptualized the Fitness Festival.

“This is also a fitting compliment to the outlet brands that we have here,” Academia added.

The response of the public to the event has been good and a lot of people have expressed

their interest in joining. With the success of the Fitness Festival, people can expect more

fitness activities from Aboitizland.