FOR the second time this year, a chief of one of Talisay City’s barangays appealed to City Hall to improve its solid waste management program.

Barangay Maghaway Chief Victor Cabatas asked members of the City Council for intervention following complaints from his constituents.

Cabatas said the residents in his barangay continue to complain of foul odor and leachate from garbage trucks passing their area.

In order to get to the sanitary landfill in Barangay Tapul, garbage trucks pass Barangay Maghaway through access roads located in Barangays Linao and Lawaan 3.

Cabatas said that despite his earlier pleas to improve the transportation of garbage, the problem has persisted.

Last Tuesday, Cabatas met with members of the City Council led by Vice Mayor Romeo Villarante to discuss the problem.


“Ako mohagit kaninyo nga mag-ilis ta og puyo. Kamo didto sa ibabaw, dayon kami didto sa ubos aron pagmatuod nga wala ko gatumotumo (I challenge you to switch places with me. You live in my barangay and see if I am lying), Cabatas told members of the council.

In response, city councilors appealed to City Hall to either repair its garbage trucks or put up mitigating measures to ensure the odor and leachate are not felt by the residents.

Talisay City Councilor Danilo Caballero asked the City to initiate measures, such as placing plastic lining and covers on the trucks to prevent the smell and leachate from escaping. 

Councilor Doroteo Emit suggested that chemicals be sprayed on the garbage to stop the smell before it reaches the dumpsite.

But Talisay City Association of Barangay Council (ABC) president and ex-officio Member Raul Cabanero criticized the administration of City Mayor Johnny de los Reyes for allowing garbage trucks on the streets despite their being bogged down for a very long time.

Edwin Nierves, the city’s solid waste management head, said majority of the city’s garbage trucks remained unfixed. 

Out of 14 garbage trucks bought by the city, only four are operational. 

Nierves said that during their meeting with the mayor last week, De los Reyes told them they cannot buy new garbage trucks for lack of money.

De los Reyes instructed the City’s garbage disposal unit to cover the back of their garbage trucks and remove leachate before they bring it to the dumpsite.