SINCE peep-toe sandals and shoes are the ‘in’ thing these days, women really have to ensure that their feet are ready to be showcased.

And what better way to prepare those feet other than visiting a salon or spa for a good pedicure? Personally, I wasn’t a fan of this beauty regimen because of this weird feeling whenever the spa attendant asks me to rest my feet on her lap. I feel like I’m being an oppressor! But when friends show off their beautifully groomed feet to me, some nerves of envy hit me. Yes, I should try it once in a while! After all, there’s nothing oppressive about it unless I don’t pay for the services rendered or I shout at the attendant if I don’t like what she’s doing to my callused feet, right?

As I browsed over the website for some tips on goof-proof beauty practices, which I talked about on Fashion Nook last week, I ran over these pieces of advice for a perfect pedicure.

Read on, and hope you’ll find these useful (as I did):

1. Color clash? Don’t !At times, we want to be experimental with the nail polish shades that we opt for. While opposing colours are sometimes great combinations in bags, this doesn’t apply to nail polish. WebMD suggests that your toes nail polish colour must be consistent with your fingers’.“Wearing the same shade of polish on your fingers and toes helps you look more finished. You can use two different colours, but make sure they coordinate. Having red fingernails and blue toenails isn't the way to go.”

2. Be feet-friendly when removing calluses. Those hardened skin on your feet, including your toes, and cracked heels are definitely ugly! But during a pedicure, we must never let the salon technician (yes, the manikyurista!) to razor our feet because it increases our risk for infection. At home, we can soak our feet in warm water for at least five minutes then scrub it with a foot file, pumice stone, or exfoliating scrub to remove calluses. Another tip, we must refrain from going around barefoot – it causes calluses, too.

3. Take care of cuticles. Cuticles keep out germs so we need to take care of them. Thus, we have to tell our spa technician not to push back or cut our cuticles to lower our risk for infection. We can actually soften ragged cuticles by putting on some moisturizer, and if our cuticles are turning red or irritated, we must immediately see a doctor.

4. Erase the past. This simply means that we need to grab some acetone to remove the stains caused by the nail polish. Dark, dramatic shades like red and purple can stain our nails yellow if we leave them on for more than two weeks.

5. Bring own tools. For hygiene purposes, we are advised to bring our own tools when visiting the salon. Germs can linger on salon tool when not properly sanitized.

6. Let them have some rest once in a while. Even without nail polish, our nails can still look fabulous if we clean them properly. Those nails must be left bare once in a while to avoid damage.

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