THE interactive forum on how the VAW Crisis Intervention and Referral Center of Zonta 1, part of its VAW or Violence Against Women program can motivate interest was successful.

It drew insights on how the center, located in the Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital (headed by Trixie Gullas) in partnership with the University of the Visayas, will be accessible, affordable, effective and viable to women and children victims of violence.

Present were the multi-sectoral panelists and partners from the medical, Department of Social Welfare and Development, legal, safety and security, barangays, academe (psychological counseling) and the religious sectors, who explained their specific services, procedures and protocol, if any. We missed the representatives from the PNP-Cebu.

The main concern of Zonta 1 was how to widely disseminate the services of its VAW center and encourage victims to make use of them.

During the discussions, the following were resolved:

1. That counseling efforts be expanded to help victims to come for help and not retract at the last minute. Generally, women and children abused by the husbands/fathers would rather suffer in silence to preserve the family.

2. That a directory or manual of addresses, telephone/mobile or email of the various department heads/ representatives be printed, also using the social networking channels.

3. That an effective coordinated networking of victims and ‘involved agencies’ be identified and simplified.

Zontian Beverly Dayanan, project chairperson, has a great task to do and all Zontians are “leaving no stone un-turned” to sustain the VAW Center.

Comida de Independencia

The Marco Polo Plaza Hotel had a theme dinner called Comida de Independencia to celebrate our independence day. The setting, food, attire and music of the evening fittingly brought a selected group of media practitioners to the Spanish colonial era and how the Filipinos situated themselves to blend with history. Hans Hauri and his food consultant Jessica Avila were as usual cordial and “went with the flow “ of

speaking in Filipino.

Fete de la Musique

The Alliance Francais de Cebu and Ayala Center recently had a media briefing at the Pink House for its big musical event called Fete de la Musique.

The French hip-hop, the Pokeman Crew, thrilled many at the Ayala Center as well.

SP Comm Kit. Handling the interview questions: There are some questions you must ask yourself before applying for a job. Can I do the job? Do I want the job? Does this job fit with my long-range plans? Will I fit in? Can I live on what they want to pay me?

Do I feel secure taking a job at (name of the office)? Why do you think the company will hire you? What do you know about the company? How do you handle shyness, fear of interviews, difficult and surprise questions?