ANGELES CITY -- Victims of human rights abuses during martial law under former President Ferdinand Marcos filed their claims of applications under Republic Act 10368 at the Angeles City Hall recently.

RA 10368 is "An act providing for reparation and recognition of victims of Human Rights Violations during the Marcos regime, documentation of said violations, appropriating funds therefore and for other purposes".

The Human Rights Victims' Claims Board was created under this law, which protects and fulfills human rights by providing effective remedy to any violation against human rights.

The Office of Human Rights Victims’ Claims Board initiated an on-site intake process for all the victims of human rights violation during Martial Law years.

Executive Assistant of the chairperson and head of Delication Dexter Calizar was happy for he considers this "a one big step" to compensate all the hardships during the reign of a dictatorial government.

"This is a great movement for the state to recognize all those who experienced hardships during martial law," he said.

The government provided P10-billion allotted for distribution to all victims. All applicants are required to apply for the benefits of this developmental movement.

Very essential information is the narration of the circumstances of human rights violation of the victim.

Alfredo Reyes is one of many applicants who shared his unforgettable experience in the year 1972. Alfredo’s brother Federico was coming home from the field as a farmer when a group of military soldiers working under Marcos shot and killed him with no particular reason at all.

Calizar was very cautious with some of the stories told by some applicants. He was certain that some of those people are not victims and are only after the money then can receive. Some of these people were able to provide questionable documents of proof.

Section 25 of RA 10368 states that any claimant who is found to have filed a dishonest claim shall have an appropriate prosecution and may be in prison from eight to ten years and shall be disqualified from public office and employment and be deprived of the right to vote and be voted in any national or local election, even after the service of sentence unless granted absolute pardon.

This beneficial act started at Angeles City and will surely move from one location to another to give reparation and recognition to the alleged victims. (James Mercado and Emmanuel Panti/AUF Interns)