CEBU City Mayor Michael Rama directed the City Legal Office to review the P50-million industrial road project at the South Road Properties (SRP).

The mayor said he wants the City Government's lawyers to determine if it would be proper to continue with the contract or rebid the project.

"I have to be guided by the city attorney regarding that matter," he said.

To recall, the City has already awarded the project to Supreme ABF Construction and it was supposed to be implemented in April last year yet.

The implementation was stalled after the Department of Engineering and Public Works issued a suspension order since the legislative body questioned the awarding of the contract to Supreme ABF Construction.

The council said the matter did not pass through them and therefore, has no council approval.

As an offshoot to this, the council filed a criminal case against Mayor Michael Rama and 11 other officials of the executive department for violating the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.

During their session last week, however, the council had asked the executive department to speed up the implementation of the industrial road project since SM Prime Holdings Inc., will be opening their mall at the SRP next year.

But the implementation will not affect the anti-graft complaint still pending at the Office of the Visayas Ombudsman.

Rama, in his regular news conference yesterday, said he is happy that the project already has the concurrence of the council.

"Thank you (to the council). I'd just like to say thank you. Wa man tay pangawarta diha (We don't mulct money at the SRP). As far as I'm concerned, whatever project that is initiated by the City there, my office has no other agenda but to respond to the general welfare of the public and within the framework of making SRP pretty," he said.

The said industrial road be used for the internal Bus Rapid Transit project at the SRP.