THE Cebu City Government is asking the National Housing Authority (NHA) to put on hold the scheduled demolition of some 100 houses in Upper and Lower Carreta pending the result of the inquiry the City Council will conduct.

The affected families had sought the council’s intervention and legal assistance.

Members of the Upper Carreta Homeowners Association, in a letter to the council, said the NHA should first clear several legal issues that are pending before the court.

Court order

“We are requesting the honorable body to make an inquiry as to what are the underlying issues between the residents who opted to stay on their occupied lots and the NHA who will demolish them,” the letter read.

They said there’s a court order stating they are beneficiaries of the expropriated land.

They said they’re in possession of documents that prove their claim, adding that these documents were affirmed by the lower courts, the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.

The council has set an executive session on July 23 to discuss the matter. It has invited affected residents and representatives from NHA, the barangay to attend.

The council also referred the matter to the City Legal Office and the Division for the Welfare of the Urban Poor.