DAVAO City Council floor leader Tomas Monteverde IV said the 17th City Council will still push to amend an ordinance requiring business establishments to set up closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras.

"The CCTV will cover only common place areas," Monteverde told Sun.Star Davao Monday.

"These are areas that (are) viewed and accessed by the general public," he added.

Monteverde said business establishments are only required to set up CCTV cameras in lobbies, parking spaces, entrances and exit gates, pools, corridors and the like.

He said rooms, bathrooms, toilets, internal offices and working areas are categorized as private areas. Hence, CCTV cameras may not be set up in these places.

Meanwhile, Duterte said the 17th City Council should review the amendment to the ordinance and exclude offices that do not have any transaction to the public.

"Ang gusto aning Konseho asta mga opisina, you cannot do that. Sobra ra ba. That is an invasion of privacy," he said.

He said the ordinance is only applicable to establishments that "transact business with the public."

He said setting up CCTV cameras must be voluntary for businesses that do not transact with the public.

Monteverde earlier said the ordinance is made to enhance "police investigation."

Councilor Edgar Ibuyan Sr., committee chair for public safety, wanted to add more teeth to the existing law.

Once the establishments fail to comply with the ordinance, Ibuyan proposed that the maximum penalty for violating the existing ordinance will be a fine of P5,000 and revocation of business permits.

Councilor Victorio Advincula, on the other hand, also wanted to impose higher resolutions for CCTV cameras.