I HAVE a dream, a grand dream for this world.

I dream of one day seeing people united, with no biases and prejudices.

I dream that there is no overwhelming gap between the rich and the poor.

I dream that everyone has the chance to be educated and the privilege to enjoy life.

I dream of a clean air and water, a sustainable development.

I dream that one day, men and women would be like wings of a bird, one acknowledging the other’s strength in order to soar high.

I dream that mothers and children are healthy, that AIDs/HIV would be a thing of the past.

I dream that world leaders would adhere to God’s laws to rule this world.

Since I could remember, I am always different in the way I look at things, at life, at the whole world.

My siblings often tease me that I am not their sister, because I act differently from what they do.

When I started going to school, I have excelled academically, but early on, I surprised my parents and my teachers why I am not that attached to academic honors.

Of course, I always go for excellence, but I believe in the principle of competing with one’s self, and not with others.

This way, the strive for excellence is never-ending, healthy.

Several times, I had to be reprimanded by the nuns (I spent my high school and college in an exclusive school for girls, as working student) because I often defied policies which I felt was blind following.

I don’t do things simply because most people are doing them. I could not afford to be blind and deaf when I see someone is unfairly treated. I fight for others even if I know I would bear the brunt of people who are in position, in power, in authority.

Slowly, I am doing what I believe contribute to the fulfillment of my dream for this world.

I am involved in various volunteer activities, I moderate youth groups, and I have started inspiring abused women to get out from their shell.

My radio programs continue to attract listeners and I have facilitated giving livelihood opportunities to women’s groups.

My blogs, my feature stories, my newspaper column are my other venue to reach out to people, to inform and inspire them. I acknowledge, though, that I still have so much to learn.

I want to be better equipped, not only in terms of knowledge but also in skills, for me to be able reach a higher level of service to mankind, thus, I continue my study, learn life’s lessons.

God has gifted me with skills in writing, in broadcasting, in teaching.

These gifts have reasons, have a greater purpose.

I have them because God knows I use them for greater good. I don’t want to merely exist in this world; I want my existence to have greater meaning.

I don’t want to be a mere spectator in what’s happening in the world; I want to play a significant role and leave an impact that would change this world to become “heaven on earth.”

There is so much to share, so much to offer. I believe that slowly, I, along with the others who share my dream, can achieve world peace!

[E-mail: tsuperioridad.dost@yahoo.com]