TABUK CITY, Kalinga -- As a practical approach to dispose non-biodegradable waste materials like cellophanes and plastics, Tabuk City Environment and Natural Resources Office (ENRO) is pushing eco-brick making.

George Padalla of ENRO-Tabuk reported schools, government agencies, households and organizations in the city are enjoined into eco-brick making as a pastime activity, at the same time, a big help to the city's current program on waste disposal.

Eco-brick, which is made up of plastic bottles filled with non-recyclable waste like cellophane wrappers and used "sando" bags, is a now becoming fad in various parts of the country.

Collected eco-bricks, said Padalla, are good landscape materials being used at gardens, parks and roadsides.

Eco bricks making also brings other opportunities and can even become a source of income if made as a livelihood project, he added.

He said the city government mulls to introduce the project in the barangays as support to waste management and beautification programs. (Larry Lopez)