ALL laid-off workers under the General Services Office (GSO) of the University of San Carlos-Talamban Campus (USC-TC) have reportedly agreed to withdraw their notice to strike and accepted the early retirement packages offered by the school.

In a statement, USC-TC spokesperson Cerwin Eviota said that the remaining 12 of 77 GSO personnel decided to settle their differences with the school.

“As USC granted back the early retirement benefits it had offered but expired last May 31, the 12 personnel withdrew their notice of strike and agreed to cease from conducting any further picket or related strike activities,” Eviota added.

The early retirement packages are equivalent to one month salary for every year of service, including 10 months worth of salary.

Aside from the early retirement benefits, USC-TC also agreed to continue to provide scholarships to five children of former GSO employees, subject to policies covered by the program.

The settlement came after the school officials filed an injunction case against the striking workers after they barred some students, parents, school personnel and visitors from entering the premises.

The school officials explained that the closure of the GSO was the result of the two-year transition toward the implementation of the K to 12 basic education program by 2016 to 2018.

To prepare for the possible impact of the new curriculum, USC officials implemented by measures that included rationalizing costs and close the operations of offices that have “the least role in its mission to educate with Christian values.”

The closure of GSO, which had 180 personnel, started since 2012 and would have ended last May 15.