AIMING at informing the public of their tax rights and obligations, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has announced Monday, June 16, that the enhanced and integrated use of the Electronic Accreditation and Registration System or eAccReg and the Electronic Sales and Reporting System or eSales are now up and running.

The eAccReg system is a software developed for the processing and applications on accreditation and registration.

According to BIR, this is to speed up the procedures and processing of requirements for the issuance of permit to use business machines.

Through the enhanced eAccReg, electronic filing, tracking of the application’s progress and the printing of the Permit to Use (PTU) can be done online.

Integrated to eAccreg system is the eSales system. The eSales system monitors and reports gross monthly sales of registered tax payers who operate business using Cash Register Machines/Point of Sales (CRM/POS) machines or any other similar device.

Breakdown of sales are being reported as VAT sales amount, VAT zero sales amount, VAT exempt sales amount and other sales subject to tax. Data monitoring can be accessed through email, web, and SMS.

According to Mrs. Virginia J. Balatero, acting head of Taxpayer Service Section of BIR-10, the steps to enroll for the eAccReg and eSales system account can be seen in the BIR’s website.

BIR emphasized that taxpayers and suppliers are required to enroll online in order to use the enhanced electronic systems. It will be a one account per Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) policy.

Also announced during the seminar are the dates which taxpayers who use CRM and POS machines are to report their monthly sales.

For taxpayers whose last numbers of their 9-digit pin are even numbers, their monthly report is due on the 8th of the month.

For those whose last numbers of their 9-digit pin are odd numbers, the deadline is on the 10th of every month.

Lawyer Elenita B. Quimosing, Lilibeth B. Maranan and Romel M. Reyes of BIR’s national office headed the tax briefing seminar held at the Grand Caprice Restaurant here.

The enhancement of the electronic systems of BIR is in line with its objective to increase its revenue collections by making compliance and processing convenient for the taxpayers.

It is also aimed at make BIR’s operations transparent and efficient.