THE Department of Social Welfare and Development is set to launch its supplementary feeding program anew this school year.

This is to give proper nourishment for underweight and overweight children across the region.

The regional office increased its target to 48,600 children from 44,400 in 2013 because after partnering with the Department of Education office in Cordillera Administrative Region for the program.

Some 45,100 pupils from Child Development Centers and 3,500 kinder to Grade 6 pupils from public elementary schools will benefit from the program where prescribed nutritious meals with indigenous ingredients will be prepared by parents for their children.

DSWD-CAR Nutritionist and Dietician III Marcia Espinueva highlighted in a press conference the unique feature of the feeding program is that it requires active participation of parents.

"This is their program," she said stressing the parents will portray both as implementers and secondary beneficiaries of the project.

She added social preparations such as "parent effectiveness sessions" are already ongoing to invite parents and educate them on what kind of meals should be prepared and how to do them.

Espinueva reported P70 million was allotted by the DSWD and an additional P6.5 million from the DepEd for the six months implementation of the program.

This funding translates to P13 per child per day allocated for Child Development Center pupils and P15 per child per day for public elementary schools.

“The funds are already set to release, we are just waiting for the completion of requirements from our program partners,” she noted.

Espinueva explained the Department of Education has been conducting feeding programs such as the DSWD’s.

However, she ended the difference now is that the main funding goes through the DSWD.