DID YOU KNOW that broadcasts in Cebu on Thursday, June 12, shortly after the story broke about the killing of Cebu businessman Richard King in Davao City wondered why City Mayor Rudy Duterte had taken a long time to comment on the murder?

And the question persisted throughout the next day, Friday, and was subdued only in the early evening when Mayor Duterte announced he was adding P300,000 to the P200,000 offered by the King family as reward for the information that would identify the killer.

Those who heard the broadcasts were intrigued by the theory raised.

How the investigation would develop could tell whether the Cebu commentators were right -- or just clutching a straw in the wind.

Torres ‘busina’ ban; HDO is against Jose

YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED OR SKIPPED these bits of news or non-news, which people are talking about:

-- ARREST OF THE THREE SENATORS: While the widespread belief is that arrest of Sens. Jinggoy Estrada, Bong Revilla and Juan Ponce Enrile is certain and imminent, lawyers caution on possible letdown if public expectations wouldn’t be met.

The division of the Sandiganbayan handling each senator’s case may issue the arrest warrant. But it also may not. It may (1) return the complaint if the justices believe the investigation and recommendation of the ombudsman are inadequate; or (2) dismiss the case outright if discrepancies are “glaring.”

And the issuance of the warrant may take time. The justices must “personally” review the case before deciding to issue a warrant.

Given the powerful and wealthy personalities involved and the repercussion of their order, some justices might take longer than others to decide.

--HOLD ORDER VS. JINGGOY: The hold departure order (HDO) against Sen. Jinggoy Estrada is directed against “Jose P. Ejercito Estrada” while his passport bears the name “Jinggoy Estrada.” No a.k.a. (“also known as”), no alias in the HDO. And no full name in the passport.

Would the Bureau of Immigration hold him? Depends on the plain sense of the officer on duty. The HDO refers to Jinggoy, right? And the one bearing the passport is the one referred to in the order, right?

But it’s all academic talk since Jinggoy has been saying again and again he wouldn’t flee.

-- ‘NO BUSINA DAY’: Rep. Lucy Torres has filed a bill (HB #4542) which bans horn-tooting on Sundays. “Busina,” known as “wangwang” to Tagalogs, “could trigger homicidal road rage,” Torres says. Why on Sundays? Houses of worship are occupied for religious activities on that day, the bill says.

TV star Torres may have to use her charm and wit to answer questions on the floor, such as, why not limit the ban to streets where churches and other houses of worship are located?; how about those that hold their religious rites on Saturday or on some otherday?; why not let local governments cope with the problem as conditions in localities vary?

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