NOW added to Bacolod’s list of superb places to indulge our eating habits is Tiffany’s Confections. Nestled quite daintily in a wooden post-war house, the little restaurant accommodates 24 al fresco and shaded.

Tiffany Yapjoco is all woman but her patisserie is a little girl’s dream come true. White picket fences, a tiny pathway and round tables seating either four or two led me and my Tikim partner Glady Reyes to this budding pastry chef’s English country-inspired cottage.

Located at 8th Street, Tiffany’s Confections is accessible to everyone yet it takes you away from the crowd. Tiffany wants to keep things as they are so expect a decrease in elbow room from time to time especially since Tiffany’s Confections has garnered an increasing number of followers.

From Monday to Thursday, the restaurant opens from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. To accommodate the weekend guests, hours are extended up to 9 in the evening on Fridays and Saturdays.

We had two kinds of sandwiches and both are winners. There’s the Herbed Chicken Salad Sandwich, “our very own, flavored with fresh herbs from our garden.” To prove it, there Tiffany was snipping tarragon growing from tiny pots hanging from a picket fence.

Now, I just wonder. What if the kitchen toasted the baguette and filled it with filling straight from the chiller? That would be an interesting combination of hot and cold.

My favorite is the other sandwich, the Parmesan-crusted Pesto Mozzarella Sandwich which is “grilled cheese filled with our home-made pesto between parmesan-crusted whole wheat bread.” Just one bite into the grilled bread made crisp with the coat of grated cheese brought me to sandwich heaven. The pesto warmed by the melted mozzarella inside smelled like heaven, too. The serving was just right because this is one where more isn’t more unless you’re a cheese addict which I am, too, but not for full-bodied sharp parmesan and mozzarella.

For Glady and me, sharing two kinds of sandwiches made for an early light dinner. The bread itself was delicious, firm and filling (kudos to Elsie Gonzaga).

To reward ourselves for our self-control, Tiffany suggested ordering the best-selling Mango Cheesecake which was a slice good for two good girls. We didn’t stop at the cheesecake, though.

There were Kalamunding bars (P12)—Tiffany’s answer to lemon bars, the chewy thank-goodness-it’s -not-cloyingly-sweet muscovado bars, the Kahlua truffle brownies (P25), and the thin crust quiche Lorraine.

Glady ordered brewed coffee which is served with muscovado sugar, the really dark one we get from public markets that even have whole muscovado rocks. Well, folks, that’s actually all we had.

The two good girls found it necessary to linger in our seats and be kept company by Tiffany. I commented about the ambience and how much I like it as it is. I told our pastry chef that I hope she would keep the patisserie small, intimate, and cozy. She emphatically declared she didn’t want it too big that quality couldn’t be controlled. Instead, she wanted something with an ambience “like being in the porch of your house.” And perhaps having something you would whip up in your kitchen.

Included in the menu are our good ol’ comfort food chocolate cake, leche flan, banana nut bread, cream puffs in caramel plus a few of the not-the-usual such as coco sugar macaroon, salted oatmeal cookies, and double chocolate labuyo cookies which sadly were out of stock that time.

Well, that would be the perfect excuse to go back again and again to Tiffany’s Confections where, hopefully, Tiffany would offer breakfast, too.