MICROSOFT released its newest SQL Server 2014 that enables customers, especially in the business world, to develop a hassle-free processing of data. SQL Server 2014 could increase sales with greater throughput at the same time improve consumer satisfaction through its very rapid performance that allows real-time inventory updates. It uses high performance memory-optimized online transaction processing (OLTP) engine integrated into the SQL server and is specifically architected for modern hardware trends.

The SQL Server 2014 embodies the new era of Microsoft Cloud OS since it provides a consistent platform for infrastructure, apps and data that extend over data centers, hosting service-provider data centers, and the Microsoft public cloud. It also offers organizations the opportunity to efficiently protect, unlock and scale their data across the desktop, mobile devices, data centers, and a private, public, hybrid cloud.

Furthermore, SQL Server 2014 has new capabilities that are closely affiliated to the trends transforming the IT industry, including Microsoft Cloud OS.

Finally, SQL Server 2014 has a mission to deliver faster awareness into all forms of data, big and small, and most importantly deliver business intelligence in a consumable manner through familiar tools such as Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is already available through First Data Corporation, an award winning company and one of the leading IT service providers for businesses in the country. (Ninachleo Dianne Saplad, STC Mass Comm Intern)