FURNITURE is not just an object to make your house look good but it is also an instrument to show one’s creativity.

As they celebrate their 20th year anniversary, the Heritage (Heritage Muebles Mirabile Export Inc.) launched Mi Ystilo last month. Mi Ystilo is a custom furniture service where consumers can make their own designs.

“There is a story behind a design,” said Sunshine Lim, co-owner of the Heritage. She believes in designing one’s own furniture.

As the years pass by, people want new and unique things. This is why the Heritage encourages the public to design their furniture.

With Mi Ystilo, people can dream, design and create. They don’t need to have a degree in designing to make magnificent designs. This is where inspiration comes in.

Transparency, the reality of dealing with people, inspired Lim to create her first furniture, the stripe black and white chair.

During their launch, Mi Ystilo featured the designs of Erik Lopez, an interior designer and space planner from New York, Ryan Ricardo, a local architect, and Ivy Canton, an interior designer.

Canton named her design Red Cloud. The dining set is inspired by the shape of the clouds and she got the color from the red straw she used for her son’s project.

Charles Lim, one of the owners of the Heritage, said that quality is better than quantity.

He explained that the Heritage survived for more than two decades because of the durability and quality of their products and their punctuality in delivering to their clients which they continue to do so until now. (Anna Marie L. Tablada, STC Mass Comm Intern)