“BE CAREFUL! You might get what you wish for!” This is a warning that I usually hear when somebody is bold enough to say what is on his mind. There’s this belief that some things that we loudly say may or may not materialize at all depending on whether some forces in the universe conspire in our favor or otherwise.

There are wishes that I sometimes make because I want to experience again the things that these wishes brought with them in the past. However, there are also wishes that we sometimes make because we still have to experience what they have in store.

The song Dance With My Father by Luther Vandross is one which I, more often than not, sing videoke bars. And more often than not too, I become teary eyed when dishing out this heart-wrenching ditty.

It’s not because I want “to dance with my father again” as the song goes. Rather, it is a longing that had not been given fruition despite the passage of time.

Well, I was pretty close to achieving the wish but fate got in the way and, stories not being always assured of happy endings, thus the wish remained a wish perhaps until such time when life will be elevated to the next level.

But then, that would lead us to another song with the line that goes, “Would you know my name, if I saw you in heaven” from Eric Clapton’s Tears in Heaven. Whatever, I just wanted to let my father know that he’s always remembered, especially at this time of the year when children pay tribute to the man who showered them with love and material things.

Though the chance given to me to almost “dance with my father” was rather short, I cherished those times and fondly remember them. I just wish that my father had been given a peaceful rest in the afterlife and is happy from up there while watching his children striving to carve their own respective niches under the sun.


Funny but based on social media posts and other sources, not all tele-viewers were pleased at the ending of the top-rating television series The Legal Wife. What I anticipated as a happy ending for Monica and Adrian did not occur, and instead, a hanging ending was placed instead.

Oh yes, Nicole had a tearful realization of how bad a mother, a daughter, a friend and a person she had been. She also had a heart-tugging reconciliation with her father.

However, all those who shared my wish for a good ending had to be content with the thought that the last episode opened the possibility of a second part of the love story and, who knows, the happy ending might finally happen there.

That, of course, depends on the network bigwigs’ decision. In the meantime, let’s divert our attention to more productive ventures that might give us the happy ending we had been wishing for.


Alma “Ness” Moreno reportedly turned down the offer of Marian Rivera and her production staff to have Ness as guest in Marian’s pilot episode of her eponymous dance show this weekend (barring no last-minute changes) over GMA 7.

The Star for All Seasons, Vilma Santos, had reportedly accepted the offer and will be in a showdown of sorts with the host who, as the show’s press releases say, is out to show the other side of her personality that has not been quite exposed yet and that is, being “the country’s most beautiful dance diva.”

Both Alma and Vilma had weekly shows before that highlighted their terpsichorean talents to the fullest (including acrobatics and death-defying dance moves) and had been followed by tele-viewers for sometime. The word “diva’ was not yet quite in use and had a negative connotation back then.

Being a high-caliber and multi-talented artist, Vilma is not one to easily turn her back on any challenge that comes her way. So, engaging a much younger contender to her throne as television dance diva to a showdown could prove to be something to look forward to and never to be missed this weekend.


Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama entertained information and tourism officers of Region 7 on the second day of the consultative conference and information summit at the Hotel Elizabeth by rendering three songs, namely: One In a Million, How Did You Know and Kahit Isang Saglit after delivering his message.

It was good that he has finally given the song The Way You Look Tonight a much-needed breather. Radio commentator and fellow columnist of this paper Bobby Nalzaro said he’ll render not just three but five songs when the latter did his lecture on the convention’s third day.

However, it turned to be just a joke. We wondered where and when will Super Bob make true of his “threat.” Will it be on a bigger stage and on a full-length show? Keep wondering.