TWO months after she confirmed her split from Geoff Eigenmann, actress Carla Abellana revealed that she is still coping with the breakup.

In a recent interview, Abellana admitted that she is not on speaking terms with Eigenmann, whom she dated for almost four years.

The 28-year-old actress said they never had the chance to see each other again as she was busy taping a new sitcom and her upcoming series "My Destiny" with leading man Tom Rodriguez.

"If he texts or calls, I will reply naman, I will answer. But you know, walang nagte-text sa amin. (If magkasalubong), okay lang. Hi, hello," she said.

Abellana said they both went through difficult times before and after the split and her announcement on television was not an easy thing to do. She feared that people might not understand their decision.

"Pinag-usapan namin, which he didn't understand at first. Hindi niya maintindihan kung bakit kailangan aminin. Ako naman, there's no way na maitatago ko 'yon. For months din naman I was able to suppress it pero you cannot do it nang matagal," she said.

"Hindi naman pwedeng itago lang, ayaw ko ng ganun, pero hindi ko plinano. Para bang you know you want to say the truth but you’re so scared. I think expected naman na to come out that way but there is a process. There is a formal way in informing the public," she added.

The actress said she had a hard time coping because she's the one who spoke about the break-up. She admired Eigenmann for not saying anything negative about her after she made the announcement.

"(Ang hirap kasi) parang kung sino ang nagsalita, she's the person to blame. Parang lumalabas tuloy na ako ang masamang tao for admitting it. But like what I said, there is a process, there is a formal way of doing it, going through it, I really had to do it and put on the spot," she said.

Abellana said she drew strength from friends and family during the split. She said she knows there is a reason why she spent her four years with Eigenmann and she is thankful for all the good memories.

"Everything has a purpose. Honestly, I don't have the answer yet. But you know, it's to come out as a stronger person, to really learn what you can sacrifice and how much you can sacrifice for a person. That’s what I learned from this," she said.

When asked if she is happier now after what she went through, the actress said she is doing fine and most importantly, she's moving forward.

"Free? Para namang bilanggo kung pakinggan. But happier today? Yes, definitely happier today than yesterday, than the day before that," she ended. (Sunnex)