REMARKABLE gentlemen in the city have joined the all-women organization Ladies Outreach Labor of Love Foundation, Inc. as honorary members and vowed to give their full support for the group in memory of its founder Teodora “Dory” Fianza Espiritu.

“Judge Francis Buliyat, Engr. Lagman, Businessman Tony Ang, and I are now honorary members of the foundation. We are supporting it for the sake of Dory,” Dory’s husband Ike Espiritu said.

Moved to tears as he recalls his wife’s death who succumbed to septic shock and abdominal sepsis on April 19 at Desert Springs Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada Ike said LHF”s projects will continue for the community especially for the children who are hoping for better life with good values as their guide.

“That has been Dory’s request if she will no longer around I will continue it,” Ike said.

LHF was founded in 2007 with a mission to teach & strengthen family values, reach out to young children and their mothers, and teach good character and values.

Dory who worked for three decades in the United States as a registered nurse also helped organize the BIBAK Pacific Northwest of Seattle in Washington, her lifetime legacy.

On October 3 LHF members and officers will celebrate the foundation’s anniversary by giving a tribute to Dory. This will be followed by the induction of the new set of officers as the highlight.

Some important activities of the group this year include a medical mission with blood and sugar test services for the senior citizens and a visit to the babies and children at the Reception & Study Center for Children (RSCC) in La Trinidad, Benguet.

Dory’s love and compassion has given hope to many children in Baguio and Benguet. She will always be an inspiration to many. With the help of her husband and friends the hope for a better life for the needy in the community will continue. The Labor of Love Foundation’s mission will persist to empower and provide opportunities to all target beneficiaries.

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